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Starting online piano lessons

Available to all aged 13 upwards

Basic online studio
Unless you already have one, you'll need to buy a piano or keyboard. Choose carefully because there are different types.

If you have you laptop in front of you to see the music and the teacher, you'll will also need a webcam pointing towards the keyboard from your side, so the teacher can see your hands. There are several pictures showing this on our homepage. This will also help you to check your posture.

Communication is by email, after the initial Freebie form menu button above has been filled in.

One parent needs to be present during the online lesson.

You will need this piano course. or at least the music book from it. Then later,

AB Guide to Music Theory part 1

Manual of Scales by ABRSM

Starting music for non-beginners will be chosen for you at the first freebie meeting. Learn more from these pages Beginner   Intermediate and Advanced.
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