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Clifford Evans and Maryvonne Evans

Clifford Evans playing the piano Maryvonne Evans playing the piano
Student 1 at piano Student 2 at piano
Student 3 at piano Student 4 at piano
Clifford Evans currently offers online piano lessons from his multi-camera teaching studio via Zoom with students in Canada, Europe and Australia. There is also much free learning material including downloads, easy piano arrangements, tailor‐made piano arrangements, piano discussion groups, DVD piano course (which sold in 20 countries), and general piano learning information. Particularly useful as a reference guide is the currently free e-book, The Clifford Evans piano method, resulting from 50 years' teaching, playing and research.

Clifford in the teaching studio now available via Zoom only
Clifford Evans in his online teaching studio
Beginner £45 Unavailable Unavailable
Intermediate £50 Unavailable Unavailable
Advanced £60 Unavailable £100
Maryvonne Evans offers piano lessons in person and also enjoys a global reputation for teaching piano to both adults and children from over 20 countries, in particular with 5 year olds upwards, making it fun for them as well as teaching efficiently. The piano lessons can prepare for exams, or be just purely for musical pleasure. As a member of the ISM, Maryvonne has gained Registered Private Teacher Status with DBS Enhanced Disclosure for the role of Private Music Teacher.

Maryvonne's fees for child beginners up to Grade 5 are £20 for 30 minutes or £40 for 1 hour weekly.
Maryvonne's fees for adults, whether beginners or not, are £45 per hour weekly.

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