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Piano Lessons Online
with Clifford Evans

Contents of piano tuition course by Clifford Evans

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Piano Tuition Videos Chapters 1-8
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Image of pupil Chris controling laptop in online piano lessonClifford loves teaching and like to share the joy of piano playing with his pupils
Charlotte in online lesson via laptopPupils say Clifford is a patient and caring teacher because he knows that we all learn from our mistakes
Image of pupil Tristan playing piano and using laptop with earphones in online piano lessonLessons are usually an hour long but Clifford tends to over-run when the pupil is working well.
Image of pupil Ralph playing piano on a digital keyboard in the online piano lessonPupils feel that with the 6 cameras, they receive a better lesson even than in person.
Image of pupil Dave playing his grand piano and controling a laptop in his online piano lessonClifford can show close-up pictures of hand and arm movements from any angle or from above.
Image of Chris playing his digital piano in the online piano lessonThis enhances the pupil experience without the nuisance of playing musical chairs if face to face.
Image of pupil Lynette practising on a digital pianoClifford operates the 6 cameras with foot pedals without interrupting the conversation and progress of the lesson.
ChrisD playing his grand piano
Maryvonne show good hand position
Cliff concentrating in an online lesson
Clifford's online lessons are fluent, user-friendly and great fun for pupils and teacher alike...
The time flies.
Clifford Evans at the piano in his online Zoom studio
Intermediate £55 Advanced £60

You will find these prices very competitive and well below a reflection of my qualifications and experience as shown in the comments past + present pupils

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