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Marycliff Piano Lessons parking

Marycliff Piano Lessons car park
Plan of car park at Marycliff Piano Lessons
You are welcome to use our FREE parking. You must park as on the diagram. Maximum 3 cars. Only 1 car per pupil. You may park slightly closer to the pavement than shown on the diagram. Your first visit: For your own safety and insurance reasons, before you have completed and signed the online parking discalimer, we ask that you park in Chelsworth Avenue just opposite.

Please check your vehicle for oil or any other leaks before using the car park. If you have any leaks you must park on Chelsworth Avenue. Leaks or any other damage to the block paving or any part, inside or outside the property, will incur charges for repair time, materials and labour.

There is just enough space for a 3-point turn to facilitate exiting forwards, but you must follow the direction of the arrows and don't reverse into the driveway or parking spaces. If everyone follows the same routine, your safety and that of others is maximised.

Also for your own safety, do not park on Westerfield Road as it's very close to the roundabout and traffic comes round the corner suddenly, which is why we ask you not to reverse into the road. If you are not happy about the parking terms, there is plenty of parking in Chelmsworth Avenue just opposite, but you still have to sign every part of the Freebie request form. We appreciate your cooperation.

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