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Terms of online piano lessons

AvailabilityOnline piano lessons with pianist Clifford Evans are available for adults of any age and children aged 13 upwards if a parent is present during the lesson. You may not use your mobile phone or Whatsap for the lesson - only a tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Copyright, recording and pictures We adhere strictly to international copyright laws - which means that no copied music is sent to the student by the teacher or vice versa. Both teacher and student must have their own legal copy sourced from a reputable publisher, including personalised licenced copies from You may NOT record the lesson or take any pictures or videos or audio by any device. Any infringement of these conditions will break copyright laws and be treated very seriously through the courts. Clifford will not record the lesson, take or post pictures without your emailed permission.

Attendance. The fees are calculated by frequency of lessons, which is why weekly lessons are cheaper than every 2 weeks and so on. If you don't keep up your chosen frequency, the fee will go up according to your revised frequency chosen by you and agreed by Clifford. We do not operate a termly system in order to maximise your progress. However, weekly pupils are entitled to have 5 absences per annum for whatever reason, and these are calculated from January 2nd to December 23rd inclusive in each year. We don't teach from 24th December to 1st January inclusive each year. Fortnightly and 4 weekly pupils are not permitted absences. If at any time you have an extra lesson or lessons for exams etc. then each extra lesson enables you to take another absence without any penalty.

Absences We require to be told about any absence or absences in advance as soon as you know it’s going to happen. If you take fortnightly or monthly lessons no absence is permitted but you are welcome to make them up before December 23rd of the year concerned. If you take weekly lessons, and have used up all your 5 absences but then take a further absence or absences, these have to be paid for immediately, even though you have not received the lessons. However, you are permitted and welcome to receive the paid-for lesson or lessons any time before December 23rd in addition to your normal scheduled lesson. Of-course if we are responsible for a cancellation, we will do our best to reschedule as we expect you to do the same.

Cancellations We are not obliged to reschedule a lesson cancelled on the day, which would therefore have to be paid for. However, we do our best to reschedule without penalties to you. Any lesson cancelled at or after the start-time of the lesson is automatically charged for under any circumstances. Please note that rescheduled lessons are also automatically chargeable if cancelled EVEN IF GIVEN NOTICE which we hope you would do anyway.

Payment Prices are clearly marked on the website. The more frequent and regular the lessons, the lower the fee. The fee must be paid the day before the lesson directly from your PayPal account to Clifford Evans email :

ConfirmationYou will receive confirmation of payment from PayPal for the lesson or lessons.

TerminationYou may decide to discontinue lessons at any time, assuming that all fees have been received at that point. You must inform us at least 24 hours before the last lesson, otherwise that lesson will be chargeable.

Privacy The info we take is your name, email address and mobile phone number. These are for communication and teaching notes when necessary. We keep the info whilst you are continuing lessons and after you finish lessons we ask you if you would like to stay on the mailing-list for future news, services and products. We are obliged to ask you again once a year if you would like to update or be removed. You can ask to be removed at any time.

Additional terms for children 13 to 17

In addition to the ISM online advice for children, we require that one parent is in the room during the online piano lesson up to the pupil's 18th birthday.

Your Online accountFor child protection of teenagers, the Zoom or Skype connection must be via a parental account, NOT the personal account of the teenager.

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