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Piano Lessons in person terms and cons

Firstly it is required that you come to the lesson with short nails not protruding beyond the finger pad and cut them regularly for best piano progress and to avoid damage to yourself or piano keys.
Pupils are required to attend lessons a minimum of once per week throughout the whole of the year. We do not operate a termly system in order to maximise your progress. Absences are of-course not compulsory but in principal, pupils are entitled to have 5 absences per year for whatever reason. Your absences are calculated from January 1st to December 23rd each year and any remaining ones cannot be carried over to the next year. Also, we do not teach between Christmas and New Year. If at any time you have extra lessons for exams or any other reason, each extra lesson then entitles you to take a further absence without any penalty.

Absences We require to be given notice about any absence in advance – as soon as you know it's going to happen. If you use up your 5 absences, then any more have to be paid for, or made up by an extra lesson in addition to your regular appointment.
Cancellations We are not obliged to reschedule a lesson cancelled on the day, so that lesson would be chargeable. However, we do our best to reschedule without any penalty to you. Any lesson cancelled at or after the start-time of the lesson is automatically chargeable under any circumstances. Also note that rescheduled lessons are chargeable even if cancelled with notice given. If you miss a lesson or forget in error, then ring and confirm that you will attend the next lesson, otherwise you may loose your appointment.

Copyright We adhere strictly to international copyright laws - which means that no copied music may be used in the lesson, whatever method of copying has been used - physical, digital, photographed or by hand, including any methods which are not yet even available. The student must have their own legal copy sourced from a reputable publisher, including personalised licenced copies from You may NOT record the lesson or take any pictures or videos without our permission. Any infringement of these conditions will break copyright laws and be treated very seriously through the courts. We will not record the lesson, take or post pictures without your emailed permission.

Damage Any damage inside or outside the property will incur charges for repair time, materials and labour and will be enforced through the courts if necessary.

Termination If you decide to discontinue lessons, please tell us at least 24 hours before your appointment, otherwise that lesson will be chargeable.
Payment You can make payment directly from your PayPal account to Clifford Evans email : or in cash to Maryvonne Evans at the start of the lesson.
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