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Piano course for adult beginners

Clifford Evans piano course
Hands on keyboard
Slightly curved fingers for good hand position

Animated graphics on keyboard
Finding your way around the keyboard

Treble clef RH piano notes
Learning the RH treble clef notes

Bass clef pianonotes
Learning the LH bass clef notes

Rhythm chart
Note values rhythm chart

Animated music graphics to assist piano study
Animated graphics assist sight-reading

Try this catchy Bagpipes tune.
Easy tune Bagpipes for piano by Clifford Evans

Ave Maria helps improve your left hand.
Ave Maria, last piece of the piano course

What people thought of the course

Ralph accountant Australia "Your DVDs and book just arrived through post, brilliantly produced. The DVDs are a great help and easy to follow. It will be easy for me to practise: things have been explained nicely step-by-step. The DVDs will help me a lot to practise what you are teaching me online."

Joan Dovenor: Keyboard Player magazine Nov. 1998 "There has always been in the electronic keyboard market, for comprehensive and reliable tuition courses. "Learn the Piano with Clifford Evans" comprising an excellent study book and two exceptionally well presented videos, is just such a course, coming as it does with an impeccable pedigree, experience which eventually led to the creation of this extraordinarily thorough package." 1998

To purchase, complete the Order form and choose the country nearest to you with the correct postage from the table below and send the correct amount to Clifford Evans email : directly from your PayPal account. Prices including postage
whole course  £64.70  £70.15  £76.70  £74.40
book alone  £13.79  £19.75£23.90£22.40

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